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A Day in the Green

I had a fabulous day Friday, and part of what made it incredible was the realization that I was just going about my business, which happens to be the business of Green, both professionally and personally. It occurred to me how easily I incorporate small measures that reduce or reuse or recycle, half the time without even thinking about it, and that led me to realize that a decade ago I didn’t do any of this stuff on purpose, much less by habit. That thought led me to the realization that we can change the world and we can educate enough people to make a difference.

Upcycled Shopping

So what was all this Green stuff I did, you ask? It wasn’t really all that much actually, just a few things scattered throughout my day, that over the course of a decade do and have made a difference. I drank coffee from my own coffee pot, not from a shop, and I dumped the previous day’s grounds in the compost bowl on the countertop. I work from home, so I get non-commuting points everyday (that’s just sheer luck on my part.) We had a business meeting at Prolific Oven and we rode our bikes – fun! It was a lovely humid-for-No.-Cal. day, overcast and warmish out. Later in the afternoon, I took myself on a little fall shopping spree, Jocelyn-style, which means I drove (I know, take away some Green points, but my car does get 33-39 mpg.) to the local Saint Vincent de Paul thrift shop and gave myself a no-time-limit browse session. Now, let me say a couple things about SVDP, Redwood City: the bags they put your purchases in? They are often from Nordstrom, Saks, Bebe and other chic, expensive, local boutiques. I happen to live in the fifth wealthiest city in the states (don’t ask me to quote the source, I’ve long since forgotten, but I’ll tell you from the prices on real estate, food and gasoline, that it’s true) which does provide me with great thrift-store finds. Like the never-used, fitted down vest or the also never-used BCBGMAXAZRIA skirt. I had to pass up the Theory pants – too big and the Velvet top – too small, the Juicy sweatshirt and the Baby Phat jean jacket – not my style. I did walk away, however, with a nice little collection for fall, including an orange Nine West purse, which I’ve been looking for since August. I threw the stuff in the wash and hung it to dry. (More Green points and such a habit. Once I stopped using the dryer, it’s like nails on a chalkboard when I do.) And now I’m stuck with the question of which cute outfit do I wear first?

Bay Area WetlandsThe weather was perfect out, by afternoon the clouds had drifted off and it was a lovely California fall day, all slanted light, blue sky and fog rolling in from the west over the hills. I persuaded my husband to leave his aquarium and its brand-new inhabitants alone (no small feat) and to accompany me out to the baylands for a walk. Another plus to the Bay Area is its proximity to, well, you guessed it, the bay. We drove (again, I know, but think about that mpg) about ten minutes to the southern end of the bay where there are numerous trails and miles and miles of wetland with the gorgeous backdrop of the east-bay foothills. Bay Area WetlandsWe took the dog, which makes all of us happy and walked for a good hour or so, enjoying the quiet susurrus of the grasses, the plop-plunk of ducks diving for food, the loud fwop of a pelican landing (who knew, but yes! there are pelicans out there on the bay) and the amazing sight of hundreds of birds in singular flight, shifting one direction and then the other, catching the light on their wings; at once black, then brilliant white. It was so beautiful, I’ve been back everyday since.