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Well, it took us a while (we had a little Halloween Fete get in the way of all else for a couple of weeks) but we finally randomly drew our ACE Hardware gift certificate winner! And the prize goes to Jessi, who would like to see biobags for dogs in her ACE Hardware store. Jessi, we’ll see what we can do! Thank you all for your participation.


ATFR Revisted and Remember to Comment to Win $100 of Green Products

The family reunion turned out to be great fun, and instead of using compostable silverwear and plates, we opted for reusables. All the dishes fit into one dishwasher load, and for 31 family members, including kids, there was one bag of trash (I admit, someone else brought Solo cups that had to be thrown out and stuff comes wrapped in paper and plastic). Even so, I still found this event to be a good motivator for a pat on the back and more eco-friendly maneuvers at my next group event.

In other news, we are still running our comment-to-win contest, so stop reading and go comment on the product you’d most like to see in your local ACE store. For details read the greennii blog from August 24.

-Jocelyn Broyles

Comment and Win $100 of Green Products!

And ACE is the place to do it! Does anyone even remember that old ACE hardware ad from way back in the 1980s when cassette tapes and pegged jeans were in? And speaking of pegged jeans, note to all you tweens and twenties out there: Don’t do it! Don’t get sucked in to thinking that the pegged jeans in the Gap ads are a good look. Retro is not always Green and not always good.

But I digress. ACE is the place with the helpful hardware man, as the ad used to say, and they are helping you out this week with a $100 gift card to the winner of our Greennii/ACE drawing.

Greennii and Palo Alto ACE hardware are partnering to bring you more Green products in four select ACE hardware stores in the greater San Francisco Bay Area: Palo Alto, San Mateo, Half Moon Bay and San Jose, and we’d like to hear from you about just what those products should be.

To enter yourself in the drawing, leave a comment on this helpful hardware blog telling us the Green product you would most like to see in an ACE store.

And not to worry if you don’t live right down the street from one of the ACE stores mentioned above, the gift card can be redeemed online at http://www.paloaltohardware.com/.

-Jocelyn Broyles