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-Jocelyn Broyles


Green New Year’s Resolutions or Resolutions to Green Your 2011

I am a big fan of New Year’s Day, so tonight I’ll likely be doing something pretty chill that includes some bubble bath mentioned in my list of alternative things to do for NYE, some bubble liquid, and an early bedtime.

My big plan tomorrow is to take the doggies to the beach, rain or shine, no matter how cold it is. It won’t be quite the same as waking up on New Year’s Day on a deserted beach and jumping au-naturel into the warm waters of the tropical Pacific, but there is no joy like that of dogs frolicking in the sand.

I am also a big fan of resolutions, though I tend to make mine whenever I feel change is needed in my life, rather than on January 1. But in honor of all those out there making lists, I thought I’d make my own this year and share it with you.

1. I resolve to be less judgmental: of people, of situations, of myself.

2. I resolve to be more kind: to strangers, to my family and friends, to the air that I breath and the water I drink.

3. I resolve to donate time and energy: to at-risk youth, to helping others realize joy in small things, to saving animals and ourselves from ourselves.

4. I resolve to use my voice: to be kind, to show love, to sing, to write and to instigate change towards more earth-friendly (and therefore human-friendly) lifestyle choices.

5. I resolve to use less, buy less and waste less.

My resolutions, written off the cuff but with great care, just for this post, turned out to be more existential and less practical than I expected. So here is a list of more easily applicable resolutions to Green your 2011:

1. Buy recycled-content (post-consumer content) toilet paper.

2. Stop buying paper towels.

3. Replace all soaps and detergents in your house with earth-friendly, biodegradable detergents and soaps. I like Opas Soaps, Dr. Bronner’s, Method, BioKleen and Seventh Generation.

4. Shop at you local farmer’s market.

5. Use green dry cleaners when you have to dry clean.

6.  Use all-natural and organic skin care products. My favorites are homemade, but there are some wonderful brands out there doing good green stuff: EO Products, Kiss My Face, Lily Organics, Noli n’ Nali, Sumbody.

7. Buy organic and local using Local Harvest’s zip search and database.

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8. Compost! Home composters are affordable and fun (and contrary to popular belief, they don’t stink). It’s amazing how much waste you can save from the landfill. Greennii likes Nature Mill and Nature’s Footprint.

9. Hang-dry your clothes – you don’t even have to do it all the time, even once a week helps! It’s especially quick and easy here in Northern California where it’s relatively dry. Ideas from Eco Housekeeping, Gaiam and Urban Clotheslines.

10. Reuse or give away something you were about to put in the garbage.

Happy New Year! May it be filled with peace, tranquility and joy.

-Jocelyn Broyles

Green Your New Year’s Eve

With Christmas a few days behind us, fab new eco-products in our closets, kitchens and garages, and New Year’s Eve just ahead, here are our recommendations for a Green New Year’s Eve:

If you’re throwing your own party:

1. Use glassware instead of plastic. No one likes to drink out of plastic anyway. Inexpensive glasses can be picked up at your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or Saint Vincent de Paul‘s, or new from Crate and Barrel (who is having an up to 50% of winter clearance sale), Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table. Store these glasses with your Holiday decorations and pull them out each year when you throw a big party – reusable and beautiful!

2. Cloth napkins instead of paper. Again, these can be purchased just about anywhere that carries household items, or if you’re really crafty and have oodles of time on your hands you can make your own. If you’re Martha Stewart material, you could even personalize them for each of your guests. Me, I just use white linen. If you have to go paper, use 100% post consumer, non bleached paper products.

3. Use LED lights when you’re decorating.

4. Set up a carpool or hire a van to ferry guests to and from.

5. When you’re ready to clean up, use eco-friendly soap like Biokleen, Method or Seventh Generation and compost all your food, paper and biodegradble garbage.

If you’re going out:

1. Use public transportation or carpool to your event.

2. Drink locally made wines or liquor.

3. Eat at a local, family owned restaurant and order organic.

4. Skip the plastic water bottle – bring your own reusable, or if you have to get a plastic cup from the bartender, hold onto it for the night.

5. Encourage just one other person to do the same!

Have a safe and happy new year’s eve!

-Jocelyn Broyles