Green Gifts That Keep on Giving and Don’t Need to be Manufactured or Wrapped

Ahhhh, The Holidays. Most of us love them for various reasons, though the more aware we are, the harder it is to go to the mall (or if you live up here by Stanford, the Shopping Center) and brave the crowd. And if you’re like me, the sheer amount of products; the billions spent on marketing; and the damage done to human laborers, tested-on animals and the environment, from making all that stuff, rather takes the Holiday spirit right out of you.

From bobbypinblog.

But, I have found one utterly fabulous solution to the problem of masses, malls and mistreatment this Holiday season. The National Resources Defense Fund (NRDC), founded by John Adams who just received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama, has an entire website dedicated to Green Gifts of the sort that help those who can’t help themselves, generally due to lack of opposable thumbs.

1. The list includes something I’ve always wanted to do: adopt a wolf in Yellowstone.

2. Something we all should contribute to no matter what time of the year it is: stop the construction of more coal-burning power plants.

3. Something I had no idea was going on: the hazing and slaughtering of baby buffalo (bison) by government officials when the babies get outside of Yellowstone’s protective park. (Really, whatkind of person does this?) Keep baby buffalo safe from hazing.

4. And something we all know about: Polar bears are dying. They need your support so the NRDC can fight in court to save polar bears from global warming, Arctic oil development and trophy hunting. If we’re not careful, they could be extinct by 2050. That’s in our lifetime.

The NRDC offers dozens of options to help, ranging from those above and more, to reviving oceans, educating kids and helping low-income communities.

-Jocelyn Broyles


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