And A Good Time Was Had By All

So we had our green thy Halloween party and it was a smashing success! We want to thank all of our sponsors again for their generous participation: Green Halloween for their support, information and ideas; Empire Vintage for their phenomenal fashion show and reusable goodie bag donation; Vino Locale for their organic, local wine provisions; Reclaim for their gift-card raffle prize; EO Products for their wonderful lotion samples and pretty gift basket raffle prize; Palo Alto Ace Hardware for their green gift basket; Autopia Biofuels for their discount coupons and for their gift-card raffle prize; The Willows Market for their generous contribution of reusable bags, organic and local beer, as well as non-alcoholic beverages; Luna Organics for their amazing, non-toxic, kid-friendly (fun for adults too!) face paint; O’Bon for their super fun, non-toxic pencils; Glee Gumfor their non-toxic, all-natural, great-tasting gum; Surf Sweets for their organic, all-natural gummy treats; Plum Organics for their goodie-bag coupons; Larabar for their generous donation of bite-sized, all-natural treats for kids and adults; Mama K’s for their really cool, non-toxic, all-natural play clay; Cascadian Farm for their very generous donation of kid’s healthy cereal and granola bars; Recycled Products very cool, non-toxic, all black recycled pencils for our gift bags; Glob for their non-toxic, all-natural crafting paint samples; Local-Foodworks for their generous donation of delicious vegetarian food for our event; Dr. Bronner’s for their sample soap for our gift bags; and Costume Bank for their generous running of our costume exchange.

Our event bennefitted greatly from every one of these participants and we thank them all!


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