SUNSET Celebration Weekend Water Station Wrap Up

We had a great Celebration Weekend for 2010

The festival was a huge success and the water stations were a big hit. We had hundreds of festival goers thanking us and Sunset for having the free water stations available. SUNSET has expressed interest in working with us on future and next years events!!

Below are the rough statistics of our two-day success. We will be sitting down with SUNSET to go over all of our ideas for making their next event even more sustainable on the next go around.

We gave away 231,600 ounces pure, clean, filtered tap water!  We saved a potential of 19,300 plastic water bottles from reaching the general population! Big thanks to Life Source Water Systems for supplying  6 portable units.  With this first step towards a plastic-free and sustainable event, Sunset made huge strides in the public with their commitment to sustainability; reduced the plastic bottle waste by 19,300 bottles and provided a much-needed service in giving away 231,600 ounces of water to the public. We heard from several festival goers that Sunset and Greennii were literally saving their lives by providing free water.
We are excited to be a part of Sunset’s commitment to the environment.  Greennii loves this festival and is committed to going above and beyond, using our resources and creativity to help Sunset be California’s leader in festival sustainability.

Celebration Weekend Rough Numbers From The Six Greennii/LSW Portable Water Stations
Filtered Water Served 231,600 oz. (free)
Potential Reduction of Plastic Bottles to reach general Circulation 19,300 bottles (priceless)


“Greennii provided a smart and welcome solution to providing an alternative source of drinking water to over 20,000 Celebration Weekend attendees. In reducing the use of plastic water bottles, Greennii has moved us closer to our goal of making Sunset Magazine’s marquee event 100% green.”

Rey Ledda,

Event Organizer

Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Weekend


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