The Essentials of GREENNII


Green: Tending to preserve environmental quality (as by being recyclable, biodegradable or nonpolluting).

Sustainable: A method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.

Green Design: Any design conforming to environmentally sound principles of building, material and energy use.

Greennii is a Palo Alto, California, based Green consulting and design firm, rooted in just what our name says: the belief that Green and sustainable choices and products should be easy to find, accessible to all and truly Green and sustainable.

But how do you know what is truly Green and sustainable? How do you know a company isn’t just using pretty packaging to “greenwash” harmful chemicals or manufacturing practices? Greennii is here to answer those questions. At Greennii, we will use our resources and time to qualify products, suppliers, contractors, construction materials, installation methods, retailers, restaurants and decorators as being Green and sustainable. And at Greennii, Green means family-friendly, healthy, readily sustainable, energy-efficient, environmentally conscientious and 100% non-toxic – including the installation process. No Hazmat suits, no gross allergens, no off-gassing, no VOC’s.

We are a research and resource firm for businesses and individuals interested in making a difference and Greening-up their lives! We work with retailers, contractors, businesses and products within a twenty-mile radius of our headquarters in Palo Alto, in order to keep our energies focused on your neighborhood, keeping our collective footprint as small as possible.

We welcome your participation and feedback. We are all one global community and it’s up to us to make our world and our lives Green and sustainable.

Here’s to a sustainable future for all!


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